LIFE IS TODAY – by Maui Reple

We have to be where our body is.
When you dream of something, you live the future. You project reality into a different time and space.
Your focus is not in what the present can give you, but in something abstract.
If you focus in every moment that presents to you, you will be open for the beauty of life and the signs given to us.
We cannot anticipate a life in one day, even if we want to “do today what we could do tomorrow”.
You will do things in a different way if you do today what is needed for today.
The difference is that every day’s task can be done with time and pleasure. Experience love in everything you do.
We shouldn’t have more appointments that our energies can hold.
We should be able to live simple, with less needs and must.
Use your time to nurture creativity and positivity.
Practice kindness and compassion with your neighbor, without any form of expectation and judgment.
Be aware of the needs of others and take some time to show your closest ones you love them.
Celebrate the strength you have and make your weaknesses, parts to be developed in their own time.
Living today you end anxiety.
Make time to take care of your body.
Love yourself.

INNER DIALOG – by Maui Reple

Looking at sculptures created by artists and looking at trees.

-How could I create a sculpture that grows and even after death continues being a piece of art?

Questioning that, I realized that to achieve my goal was not enough to find the formula for creation but I would have to find creation itself, my inner god/goddess.

It is there where creation lives.

-Where can I find the material to make my sculpture?

-How can I recognize it if it is so covered by expectations, desires, excitements, deceptions, pains and suffering?

You will recognize it only when you manage to let go all those emotions in compassion to your-self.

When you manage to let go all the sorrow, you will find compassion and forgiveness not only for yourself but also for all people that come on your path!

It will make you a more tolerant and loving person.

This is the material for your sculpture: the energy of happiness of feeling free.

A sculpture that you cannot sell is free and everybody can enjoy it.

It’s invisible for the eyes, but the heart recognizes it.

A sculpture made of UNCONDICIONAL LOVE.

When you get in touch with this sculpture you will find:

– The joy of recognizing that our mistakes were just tools for our growth.

– The freedom of being happy with ourselves.

– The peace of being in balance.

– Compassion.

– Acceptance.

The process of making this sculpture is personal.

Let us be inspired by creation and share this sculpture named:


Nature will make us act upon everything and everyone around us.

Nature is balance.

Nature is man and woman.

Nature is cycle of birth and rebirth.

Nature is creation.